More About Me
Michelle, a Texas native, discovered her love for southern Oregon during the vibrant spring of 2018. Since then, she has made Rogue River her home, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes that inspire her every day.
Michelle’s multifaceted interests reflect her zest for life. As a devoted dog lover, she spends weekends exploring local trails with her loyal canine companion. Her passion for music resonates through her eclectic playlist, which ranges from soulful blues to indie rock. And as a student pilot, she takes to the skies, embracing the freedom of flight and the thrill of navigating the clouds.
However, Michelle’s journey extends beyond hobbies. Her professional background as a certified court reporter has honed her skills in precision, impartiality, and attention to detail. These qualities seamlessly transition into her current role as a real estate broker, where she navigates transactions with unwavering honesty and dedication.
Michelle’s impressive track record speaks volumes. As last year’s Selling Broker of the Year, she has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the industry. With a remarkable $4.1 million in listing inventory, she specializes in luxury high-end properties, vineyards, and sprawling ranches. Her clients appreciate her personalized approach, knowing that Michelle is not just a broker but a trusted partner in their real estate endeavors.
Outside of work, Michelle has cultivated a small hobby vineyard—a testament to her love for the land and the art of winemaking. Whether tending to the vines or negotiating deals, she approaches each task with the same tenacity and commitment.
So, if you’re seeking a real estate professional who combines expertise with genuine care, look no further than Michelle. Her roots may be in Texas, but her heart belongs to Oregon, and she’s ready to guide you toward your dream property.